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José Barberá

More than 28 years uninterruptedly enjoying and contributing to the sport of orienteering.

Born place: SPAIN, Valencia
Residence place: SPAIN, Barcelona 2024
Profile Orienteering.es: Orienteering coordinator and manager, Forest maps, IOF Advisor since 2010.

I have gone through different stages of my life and the orienteering continues to evolve as I do. My time of discovery at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and later my Erasmus stage where everything became more international. Also when you learn and improve about organization and competition from a small training, or school orienteering to a national or international competition. Now I help organizations from the small to the largest in my country with a humble and local contribution but with a global vision of the guidance it has given me experience mainly in Spain and Europe. On the road and within the heart of european clubs Friuli MTB&O-ITA and CAOS-POR  another clubs from Spain like Discover Outdoor Sports.

Tommi Tölkko

Born place: FINLAND, Kaarina
Residence place: SPAIN, Barcelona 2024
Profile Orienteering.es: Technical director and coach, high level technical skills

Member of the Badalona Orienteering club, he was twice Catalan relay champion (2005, 2010). He was part of the Finnish team (1991-2001) and won the most prestigious international relay competitions in the world, such as Jukola (Finland) and Tiomila (Sweden). Technician of the Catalan Orienteering Federation (FCOC) since 2007 he has been the main trainer and technical director of Catalan team until 2016.

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Ferrán Santoyo

Passionate about orienteering since 1990.

Born place: SPAIN, Barcelona
Residence place: SPAIN, Barcelona 2024
Profile Orienteering.es: Urban maps and courses, high level technical skills

Born in Barcelona, (​​February 10, 1968) is an athlete, coach and sports manager. In 1996, he started as a student and teacher at the same time in the first orienteering promotion monitors of the Spanish Association of Orientation Clubs (AECO), and was in charge of preparing the study plans for the different technical trainings orienteering of the Catalan Orienteering Federation and the Spanish Orienteering Federation. Between 1999 and 2002 he was the president of the Catalan Orienteering Federation. Later, he created the Catalan School of Orienteering Courses and between 2004 and 2010 he directed the Spanish School of Orienteering Technicians. Santoyo also advised more than 10 years as International Controller, ‘IOF Event Adviser’. As spanish advisor at events like JWOC 2002 in Alicante, World Cup Spain in Murcia Costa Cálida Orienteering Event 2014.

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María Soriano

Passionate about orienteering since she was 6 years old.

Born place: SPAIN, Alicante (Villena)
Residence place: SPAIN, Alicante (Villena)
Profile Orienteering.es: Trainer and Technician (Spanish Federation) FEDO

With more than two decades dedicated to this sport, I have not only competed internationally with the national team and organized sporting events, but I have also grown as a person thanks to this sport. Orienteering gave me the opportunity to study at university with a scholarship, in addition to working for the Spanish Orienteering Federation. Every step in the forest has taught me values such as perseverance and personal improvement, and now my goal is to share this passion and contribute to the growth of counseling.


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